Understanding Computers & the Internet


  1. Power Up

    BIOS. CMOS. DVI. HDMI. Keyboards. Mice. Motherboards. POST. Operating Systems. VGA.

  2. Binary, ASCII, and Everything in Bit-ween

    ASCII. Binary. Bits. UTF-8.

  3. C-3PU: Human-Processing Relations

    Clock cycles. CPUs. Instruction sets. Parallelism. Pipelines. Superscalar processing.

  4. Thanks for the Memory

    Addressing. Bytes. Caching. Endian-ness. HDDs. PATA. RAM. Registers. SATA. SSDs.

  5. Project Interweb: Make it Network

    DHCP. IP addresses. IPv6. ISPs. Private IPs. NAT. Routers.

  6. Eminent Domain Names

    Domain names. DNS. Hosts. Records. Net Neutrality. TLDs. URLs. URIs.

  7. Protocol Me, Maybe

    Bandwidth. HTTP. Latency. Protocols. Status Codes.

  8. Snail Mail

    IMAP. Phishing. POP3. Queues. SMTP. Stacks.

  9. Manual Transmission

    Best-Effort Delivery. IP. OSI Model. Reliable Data Transfer. Subnets. TCP. UDP.

  10. Picture This

    Bitmaps. Colors. Compression. Formats. Raster Graphics. Resolution. Seam Carving. Vector Graphics.

  11. A/V Club

    3D Graphics. Bitrate. Codecs. Containers. GPUs. MP3. Sampling. Sound. Streaming. Video.

  12. Safety .net

    CSRF. Databases. HTTPS. Injection. Sessions. SQL. XSS.

  13. Security Blanket

    Asymmetric-Key Encryption. Ciphers. Cryptography. Forensics. Malware. Spyware. Symmetric-Key Encryption. Trojans. Viruses. Worms.

  14. Private Eye

    Analytics. Authentication. Authorization. Cookies. Cyberlaw. Logs. Piracy.

  15. Design School

    Design Principles. Typography. Usability Heuristics.

  16. A Web of Development

    CSS. HTML.

  17. Tonight's Programming

    Algorithms. Javascript. Programming. Scratch.